About Us

Twitchell Brushes is a family-owned brush manufacturer located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. For generations, they have been crafting high-quality brushes for various industries. Their expertise in brush-making, honed over many years, allows them to provide comprehensive and efficient services, from creating custom brushes to repairing existing ones.

As specialists in re-bristling shotblast brushes, Twitchell Brushes has built a reputation in the UK as a premier brush supplier. They provide an array of brush products to many prominent companies. In addition to manufacturing standard brush types, Twitchell can craft bespoke brushes tailored to a customer’s exact specifications. They also offer brush refilling with premium materials and made-to-measure brushes.

Unlike some manufacturers who outsource production, Twitchell Brushes handles every step of the brush-making process in-house at their Bradford facility. This commitment to remaining a British manufacturer allows them to deliver high-quality craftsmanship at competitive rates.

With a proven track record of reliability and trustworthiness, Twitchell Brushes is an established company that values traditions of excellence. So for any brush needs, do not hesitate to contact Twitchell Brushes for friendly, expert assistance. As a reputable, family-owned business, they are dedicated to finding the right brush solution for each customer.