Roller Brushes can be manufactured from various materials, with the shafts made from either solid bar or tube, to suit the Customer requirements. The brushes can be fully fitted at our factory or supplied to the customer as a loose coil, where they can be fitted to the roller on site. There are many ways in which the strip can be attached to the roller, the most common is to affix one end to the shaft and spiral the brush until it has fully of partially covered the shaft. We can also offer various clamping methods as well as retainer end caps. The externally rolled strip brush is available in its usual form or as a single ring, however, strip brush can also be manufactured as inverted coils or single rings which can be formed into most shapes to suit a customers particular application.

When ordering roller brushes, please use the following method where possible:

Type and filament size Type and size of backing strip State the size of shaft or internal diameter of brush The external diameter or finished diameter of brush The face length ie from end to end of shaft Pitch of strip as an extended coil  or closed face

For other rollers, please contact the sales office for further assistance.